[aprssig] Hamfest Objects with Kenwood Radios

Geoff geoff-lists at gatwards.org
Thu Jun 17 01:30:18 CDT 2010

It's not a limitation of the radios, but a limitation of the AX25 protocol
used to carry APRS.
The Callsign can only be 6 alpha chars with a numeric SSID between 0 and 15
(-0 is the same as no SSID)

Geoff  VK2XJG

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--- Bob Bruninga wrote:
> I prepared a web page to tell eveyrone how to make such an
> object and how to use APRS in support of the Hamfest and
> Talkin:
>           www.aprs.org/hamfest.html


For the D700, D7 and probably D710 the limit on SSID of <=15 requires a
modification.  The date digits can be split between the call and SSID.  

HFEST2-3  would be used for a Fest on the 23rd.  I was unable to figure out
a way to add the sequence byte, the "x" in your description.

On my D7 I tried, but it wouldn't accept an "x" byte in other (quasi-suffix)
locations such as: HFEST2-3A or  HFESTA2-3.  As long as all other Fest
objects for that day have the format "HFEST-ddx", you're ok.  However, if
someone else has one on the same date and uses the D700 or D7, they will
over-write one another on the APRS-IS.  Locally, of course, there ok.  
It could be added as a pre-fix, but that destroys the TOCALL simplicity and
precludes searching for HFEST* on the net.

It's a shame restrictions were placed on the TOCALL on these radions.

 73, Steve, K9DCI   USN (Vet) MOT (Ret) Ham (Yet)


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