[aprssig] Hamfest and Local info

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jun 17 07:05:13 CDT 2010

> For a regularly occurring event, 
> such as a club meeting, would you 
> need to put up and take down the
> object each month?  

Regularly occuring NETS and club meeting dates should already be included in every local area if the local digi is setup according to the New-N paradigm and www.aprs.org/localinfo.html.

EVERY digi is supposed to be putting out the "locally recommended APRS or Traveler voice frequency object already.  The format for that object includes both weekly NET times and MONTHLY Meeting times.  So anyone passing through the area will never be more than 10 minutes from an update on this info (When he is in range of THAT digi).

This has been the proper settings of all digis since 2004.

EVERYONE needs to check their local MAP and if their digi is not putting out this object and its attendant info, then -they- need to take action to see that it gets done.  These objects MUST be in the DIGI TNC or otherwise originated at the DIGI site in order to have no impact on the channel load.

Three can be up to 3 such objects PER digi.

Please see www.aprs.org/localinfo.html

Bob, Wb4APR

Or, would it be ok to create an
>   object at the meeting site and have a status text
>   with the time/date formula (2nd Friday of the month)
>   and location (library at 350 Nevada St.) and just
>   leave it there?
>   Greg  KO6TH
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>   John,
>   The location of the event and the DIGI dont have to
>   coexist.
>   You only need to create an object with the
>   information and coordinates of the event.
>   This can be done as a standalone radio & TNC or go
>   to the remote location and add the information a
>   week ahead and take it off the week after.
>   Mike K4MQF
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>   How would you solve the problem where the club aprs
>   station was located several miles away from the
>   field day site? The transmitted lat - lon would not
>   lead folks to the correct site.
>   John KC5LAA
>   On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 7:13 AM, ml41782
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>     YOu can't tell me that there aren't at least 2 or
>     more APRS users in each club. I agree with Bob. It
>     should be up to them to put forth the effort to
>     get that information up on the air and announce up
>     coming events.
>     My 2 cents
>     Mike K4MQF
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