[aprssig] Hamfest and local information

Tim Cunningham tim_cunningham at charter.net
Thu Jun 17 09:57:47 CDT 2010

Just use Steve's statement and add "and a 1-way weather station data 
transmitters, etc..".

I read his point as a 1-way communication service. As long as the 
information is useful, it is not all bad. The weather stations reporting on 
APRS provide an excellent community service to many locations on the map and 
feed the Mesonet. Add the NWS 1-way message bulletins and we get an 
invaluable service unparalleled by any other. The next time you encounter 
severe weather that is life threatening and your radio or computer convey 
instant direction and distance relative to you, then the 1-way communication 
is not all bad because it contains useful information. There is no weather 
person on TV or the radio that can convey this type of information to you 
instantly without being ambiguous.When seconds count there is no room for 
ambiguity. Every SKYWARN station should be equipped with APRS to see what 
they are missing, use it to fill in the missing pieces, or use it to put the 
puzzle pieces together.

I used 2 severe weather events from last year to help describe and convey 
the clarity that APRS provides during a fast moving severe weather events to 
drive the point about missing pieces of information. These were presented at 
local EMA offices.


Tim - N8DEU

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> Stephen Smith's comment below overlooks the fact that APRSWXNET is the 
> largest contributor to NOAA's meso-net data set.  To view the APRS weather 
> data (and other data) use the NWS viewer linked from the June 16 CWOP news 
> item here,
> http://www.wxqa.com/news.html
> To find information about any specific station, use this search tool
> http://www.wxqa.com/search.htm
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>> The simple fact is that,   like it or not,    APRS has morphed into 
>> overwhelmingly  a one-way transmit-only AVL (automatic vehicle location) 
>> network with the Internet being the end-user interface.  The vast 
>> majority of users are simply not interested in receiving stuff in their 
>> mobiles.
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