[aprssig] Hamfest and Local info

Pentti Gronlund pentti.gronlund at tut.fi
Thu Jun 17 15:47:29 CDT 2010

Bob Bruninga  writes:

> EVERY digi is supposed to be putting out the "locally recommended 
> APRS or Traveler voice frequency object already.  The format for 
> that object includes both weekly NET times and MONTHLY Meeting times.  
> So anyone passing through the area will never be more than 10 minutes 
> from an update on this info (When he is in range of THAT digi).

Ehhh...we have the meeting twice a week at the clubhouse, but no
formal nets whatsoever. The most important frequencies are listed,
however, four metres, D-STAR and UHF P25 included:


I have no idea what this looks like on a D710 or a VX-8...

Benjamin OH3BK
		Live Reports from the Taxman's Paradise!

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