[aprssig] European 1750 question?

Pentti Gronlund pentti.gronlund at tut.fi
Fri Jun 18 10:37:42 CDT 2010

Robert Bruninga writes:

> In Europe (or anywhere else that whistle-up repeaters are
> used)...

Company-radio makers like Motorola call it single-tone access...

> Are ALL of these 1750 repeaters now narrowband?  (meaning 2.5
> KHz deviation or whatever is the European standard?).

Narrowband is quite rare. I believe it has been made compulsory
in the UK and in Germany, everywhere else there can be narrowband
machines but the default is wideband (3.5 kHz nominal/5.0 kHz peak).

> Reason I ask, is that the APRS Freq Spec normally adds Txxx or
> Dxxx or 1750 in a four byte field to indicate the type of
> squelch.  But it also uses the FIRST letter to indicate wide or
> narrow band operation.  SO in the USA, we use Txxx or Dxxx.  But
> in narrowband countries they would be txxx or dxxx.  But what
> about 1750?
> Can we say that it now ALWAYS implies narrowband?


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