[aprssig] Off band packet activitity (slightly OT)

Paulo T newarroja at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 24 07:32:07 CDT 2010

Dear friends,

I found what I beliece to be an off-band packt activity, in the marine band in CT land and all over the coast.

After looking around and talking with some local ops, we are inclined to believe that these trasnmissions, in the 161 mhz segment, belong to some kinf of marine buoy network.

The tx's are like this:

 1:Fm xxxx To CQ <UI pid=F0 Len=80 >[16:56:26]
Y~}TM]aCbOAHFPKMb}@n~DzAr_lh|tWChkC at pGPCFCp^jcy_sI~_WFhOll at lGMVA at ygijjf

I changed the original callsign, since we think that this is some kind of official use :)

I did research a bit with google and found out that there are indeed many buoy designs that use VHF packet as their method of data transmission

Does anyone here have a better clue of what this might be and how could one see (decode) the garbled text?

For us, this has become a "summer mistery to be solved while on the beach"

Any help would be apreciated and my apologies in advance if this is somehow off-topic for the list.



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