[aprssig] New APRS - Mobile Power point

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jun 30 08:54:40 CDT 2010

> The topic of APRS came up again at our ARES-RACES meeting.
> I tried to explain that APRS is not only tracking..., but
> also a whole COMMS network.  Can you give me some more 
> information as to what other kind of traffic...

I just prepared a NEW very detailed PPT on how to operate APRS
mobile (Having nothing to do with tracking!... Its all about how
to use the radio for COMMUNICATING with APRS, and LOCAL INFO and
how to set up specifically the D700 and D710.  

If someone wants to add some slides about the FTM-350, please
do!  I still do not have one, and so don't know the details on
setting it up and using it.

APRS.ORG is currently being tagged by GOOGLE as being a mal-ware
site, but we don't yet know why that is.  But it should be a
safe download.


I shoulda done this 10 years ago when the radio came out.  I
just assumed everyone was using their radio this way, but keep
finding people without even knowing the APRS buttons are on


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>>   tracking. When I ask about APRS in this area, most
>>   people have heard of it but sort of shy away from
>>   it.  Maybe there is a lack of true understanding of
>>   how APRS interfaces with amateur radio.
> That is the problem.  Too many poeple only get into 
> APRS for vehicle tracking, then that is all they show 
> to others, and so no one sees the real COMMS NETWORK 
> and information resource...
>> I purchased the FTM-350 R.  So far I can't 
>> figure out why I need to let the world know 
>> where I am driving around 90% of the time. 
> I agree completely!  So just set your path to WIDE1-1 
> (only one hop or even no hops) then keep your rate at 
> 1 minutes so you will always be pinging away for 
> possible simplex direct voice-alert contacts.
>>  100Hz CTCSS tone on the 144.390. 
> Because they are blind that APRS is a coMMS 
> system, not a tracking system!
>>  There is a tremendous amount of data...
>>  but I do not see a way to be able to use the
>> data from stations a hundred miles away.
> If they are MOBILE with a D700 or D710 you should
> be able to message them REAL-TIME.  
>> What other software is out there that 
>> makes APRS jump off the screen and make 
>> you say "wow!" 
> To me, its all about the front panel of the radio 
> and the attached GPS map display.  And seeing 
> what people are doing and seeing the network.

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