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[aprssig] AGWTracker Pocket Online Map Support Beta

Arnie Shore shoreas at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 15:15:34 UTC 2010

George, I'm sure it's an attractive product, but WRT " ... I didn't
implement online maps because IExplorer for windows mobile does not support
JAVA. All maps use Java. ... "

Negatory:  see http://www.openstreetmap.org/ for open source maps, and
http://openlayers.org/ for non-copyrighted interface (JS) software.


On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 11:01 AM, (SV2AGW)George Rossopoulos <
sv2agw at raag.org> wrote:

> Hi
> Just uploaded a beta version. www.sv2agw.com/beta/AGWTrackerPocket.exe
> Is just the executable replace the previous version with this one.
> I added online maps. For the moment only YAHOO. From Menu Select
> File/New/Yahoo enter the radius the map will cover and voila!!! It uses as
> center of the map your current Lat/Lon.
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