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[aprssig] Position2NMEA ?

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Jun 24 18:02:41 UTC 2010

Chuck Kimball wrote:
> Very obscure!  Where does one find that plug in.  I'm not seeing it on 
> Andy's or your web pages.  Google turns up nothing.
> Position2NMEA
> Sounds like it could be very handy.
> Thanks
> Chuck

Pos2NMEA was written by Roger G4IDE, the author of UIview, in Nov 2002 
(about two years before he died).   It WAS on the official UIview.com 
web site some years ago.  

If you Googled for "Pos2NMEA" (rather than "Position2NMEA" , you would 
have found it on my on my website at:


Scroll down the list of downloadable goodies and look for 
"Pos2NMEA-1.40.exe" .   

Again,  this utility extracts a SINGLE call sign from the UIview 
stations list, converts it position to standard NMEA format, and then 
outputs it to a virtual COM port for use by any standard GPS-driven 
mapping program.  It "fakes" a GPS receiver by constantly sending the 
last-heard posit once a second until a new one comes in,  so that 
programs that expect normal GPS behavior of a once-per-second update 
won't time out.

Installing the program creates a .XTR  file that adds an  'Pos2NMEA'  
item to the
UIview "Files" program to start the add-on.   

This program was a quick hack and never acquired a full graphical 
interface.  To control it's operation, you had to edit it's   .ini   
file directly.   To make this more convenient, I created a second .XTR 
file that allowed editing the .ini directly from UIview's "File" 
pulldown menu.   

Create a new, blank text file with Notepad called "Pos2Nmea_Edit.XTR" in 
the main UIview folder.   Then copy and paste the following lines into 
it and save the file.  Be sure the file is saved with the .XTR 
extension, not the default .TXT. 

"C:\Windows\Notepad.exe"  Pos2Nmea.ini



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