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[aprssig] APRS Messenger is now multi-mode

Chris Moulding chrism at crosscountrywireless.net
Sun Jun 27 22:44:18 UTC 2010

I've just released the latest version v2.64 of APRS Messenger.

In addition to being able to send and receive APRS over PSK-63 it now 
has options to transmit APRS over PSK-31, QPSK-31 and QPSK-63. The QPSK 
modes have forward error correction so may work better under typical HF 

The interesting feature that made it possible is that the program can 
receive all modes at once with six receivers in software, one for each 
mode or variant, decoding incoming signals looking for APRS packets.

It's possible for stations to beacon and send and receive APRS messages 
using different modes and speeds. For example a well sited HF igate 
could use PSK-63 or QPSK-63 while a QRP station out in the wilderness 
could use PSK-31 or QPSK-31. You could experiment with the different 
modes to see what works best. HF Igates can run the program and Igate 
all HF activity to the APRS-IS. Most APRS over PSK-63 activity is on 
10.1497 MHz in the US, Europe and Asia. There is an Igate in Australia 
on 7.0347 MHz. Frequencies are actual RF frequencies not dial frequencies.

Thanks to Robert, VA3ROM, Larry, W8LIW and Dave, K6MAR for their advice 
and comments during the multi-mode development.

It can be downloaded from:



Chris, G4HYG

Chris Moulding
Cross Country Wireless
7 Thirlmere Grove, Bolton, Lancs, BL4 0QB, UK
Tel/fax: +44(0)1204 410626
Mobile:  +44(0)7752 391908
Website: http://www.crosscountrywireless.net

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