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[aprssig] d-700 and icons

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Mon Nov 1 12:43:05 UTC 2010

Jim WA9ARB wrote...

> I decided to put our 2 repeater icons in UI-View and Xastir. I also put 
> our nets in the comments section.

That's OK if the UI-View and Xastir stations have about the same coverage
as the repeaters, and the objects are going out with no path... i.e. don't spam
adjacent areas with repeater objects that can't be worked from those areas.
Of course, if you are out in the boonies and there is very little APRS traffic,
bandwidth wouldn't be so much of an issue, but repeater objects should still
only be sent out locally... one hop at the most, and only if really needed.

> However, none of the icons show up on my D-700. I noticed in the
> D-700 manual that the radio only supports 19 icons. Am I missing
> something here?

What are the names of the objects? I see "147.21+  " and "444.000+ "
being sent by WA9ARB but with a two hop path, not direct. However,
they don't seem to be going out very often,... or perhaps you aren't
being heard all of the time. Also, it appears that you are using WA9ARB
for both UI-View and Xasrir, but possibly not at the same time. Hmmm...
just noticed the object sent by Xastir is named differently, and has a
slightly different lat / long. The symbols are different too. One says it's
a repeater, and the other uses the antenna symbol.


2010-10-29 22:57:19 UTC:
;444.000+ *021923z4450.32N/08719.41WmT107.2 & Echolink
[Location changes too fast (>500 km/h)]

2010-10-31 01:52:57 UTC:
;147.21+  *291823z4454.23N/08722.15WmDaily nets at 08:00 & 16:00

2010-10-31 17:25:12 UTC:
;147.210+ *311725z4454.20N/08721.84WrDaily nets 08:00 & 16:00

2010-11-01 01:14:30 UTC:
;147.210+ *010114z4454.20N/08721.84WrDaily nets 08:00 & 16:00
[Location changes too fast (>500 km/h)]

Regarding the "location changes too fast"... keep in mind that the object
names aren't unique e.g. the same object name is also used in Tennessee,
whereas the owned by WA9ARB is in Wisconsin.

2010-11-01 11:48:13 UTC:
;147.210+ *111111z3538.80N/08849.92Wr_T107 R35m_Mtg 1stTH_wtars.org

It's too bad that the object names couldn't be the actual repeater
callsign. IRLP and Echolink node numbers are unique. Frequencies
are not. Would the D710s still be able to use the "tune" button if
the frequency was in the comment? If it works for IRLP objects,
why wouldn't it work for repeater objects? Or is it a matter of
making the frequency more visible for D700 owners who don't have
the luxury of a tune button?

www.aprs.org/freqspec.html <<<<<  404 ERROR from "link" on above page
www.aprs.org/info/freqspec.txt <<<<< this one is OK

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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