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[aprssig] d-700 and icons

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Nov 1 13:09:34 UTC 2010

> I see "147.21+  " and "444.000+ "
> being sent by WA9ARB but with a two hop 
> path, not direct. However, they don't seem 
> to be going out very often,... 

The rate is supposed to be every 10 mintes direct.  Less often
and they are of little to no value.  An interstate mobile goes
about 60 miles in an hour which is far beyond the range of most
East USA repeaters.  One object per 30 minutes has practically
ZERO chance of being seen by a mobile.  Or say a guy visiting in
a rental car.  Several minutes to get his APRS going in his car,
and say 30 minutes to get to his business, again, at 10 minute
rate and a 50% probability of detection, we hope he can get one
copy of that beacon to help him get in touch with locals for
local info...

> IRLP and Echolink node numbers are unique. Frequencies
> are not. Would the D710s still be able to use the "tune" 
> button if the frequency was in the comment? 

Yes!  That is the way it is supposed to be for IRLP and Echolink
objects.  The IRLP/ECHOLINK node number is the object name and
the freq is in the comment.  I hope that comes across in the
docs..  www.aprs.org/localinfo.html

> www.aprs.org/freqspec.html <<<<<  404 ERROR from "link" on
above page

Fixed. THanks

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