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[aprssig] d-700 and icons

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Tue Nov 2 03:59:09 UTC 2010

Jim WA9ARB wrote...

> This is all very interesting and I am still digesting it, but this 
> unfortunately does not explain why I am not getting my repeater objects 
> to display on the screen or on the d-700 list.

No, it doesn't. I was hoping Bob or someone more familiar with the D700
would be able to offer some suggestions. At a glance, I couldn't see anything
wrong with the objects. However, I'll throw a few ideas out there. Does the
D700 have a way of limiting stations / objects to within x miles or km?
The other thing is were you close enough to the station (yours) sending the
object to have heard it? How was the deviation on the transmitter? How
was the transmit delay? Is the station sending the objects being heard
reliably by the  nearest digis? Looking at the raw data at aprs.fi, there
sure seems liked some pretty big gaps where WA9ARB (or the objects
being generated by it) were being heard... or at least not being heard
by an IGate. I don't think I saw any beacons heard direct by an IGate,
so that means I was dependant on WA9ARB being digipeated for one
or two hops before I would see it at aprs.fi. Where you D700 was
mobile, it may or may not be able to hear it direct. If it was dependant
on hearing it via an IGate, perhaps you just weren't on the road while
the object was being sent AND being digipeated. There's probably an
easy answer why it isn't showing up on the D700, but it may take some
digging in the D700 settings, or some snooping on RF, to see why. The
easiest thing to try would be to send a message to your D700 while it's in 
the driveway and see if you get an ACK. Of course, that close, you could
probably get away with having the deviation sky high and still be able to
decode it on the D700. You could then move on to sending a message
via a digi to see if you got an ACK. You could use a specific path to 
test the digis at a time.

> By the way, Keith, the D-star icon appears on Ul-View northwest of 
> Madison, Wi and, as I said, on the D-700 list.  Hope that answers that 
> question.

What's the name of the object that you are referring to? If you don't
see it on the D700, where are you seeing it? Are you seeing it on RF
or via TCPIP from an APRS server?

> Here is a thought...are the icons supported by the radio just for the 
> radio alone?..not for stuff coming from rf?

I'll let a D700 user comment on symbols and what it does if it
receives an unsupported symbol. I would assume that it would
still show the station or object in the list but just not show the
intended symbol.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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