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[aprssig] d-700 and icons

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Tue Nov 2 03:57:40 UTC 2010

Bob WB4APR wrote...

> Yes, you -can- do that. But that is not really the point. When
> driving down the road, one should not have to search for
> anything.

Don't think for a minute that I was suggesting that users should
be driving down the road and poking away at buttons. It wouldn't
be safe. However, I am sure there are some people that do just

> That is a windows legacy, that all info is just a click away... 
> Microsoft assumes one has nothing better to do than click around
> to find info.

I'm not sure that I understand that, but I think that most computer
users over the last 20 years are used to using a mouse, whether
they are using Windows, Linux of whatever flavour or something

> The point of using FREQ objects is so that they show up without
> the driver doing anything in the STATION LIST.

Right... because of a limitation of the radio. However, they shouldn't
be poking away at buttons anyway while they are driving.

> Amen. It's a radio. No mouse.


> It has a display that includes a station list.  The only thing
> in the station list is a list of callsigns... (unless you want
> to go pushing buttons and clicking on menu's to find
> something...  
> By making FREQ OBJECTS with the object name being the
> FREquency, then you don't have to search for anything, or search
> for repeaters, or push any buttons... You just SEE these local
> repeaters FREQs in the list. And if one wants to QSY, he just
> pushes the TUNE button. Done.

OK, for the benefit of D700 etc. users, we will use the frequency
instead of the callsign for repeater objects. However, can I assume
that you and others would only use the TUNE button to go to the
repeater on the top of the list rather than one that is buried down
at the bottom... at least while driving? Ummm... would you resist
the urge to toggle back and forth between lists of mobile
stations and repeater objects? There must be a lot of temptation

>> One day we will move beyond what the D700, 
>> D710 and TM-350 can do...
> We will never move far beyond the driver's ability to process
> only a limited amount of information at a time... hands-free on a
> radio front panel.  Most other displays are outlawed for the
> driver...

Well, it isn't that far fetched to see cars that drive themselves.
However, by the time they are common, I'm sure we will have
something a lot better than a D710.

> You really out to get one... To see what the APRS mobile
> experience is all about.

No thanks. I haven't been around a D700 to get really familiar with
it, but I've been them enough to see what it's like. I don't think it would
suit me. Besides, I don't do enough driving to justify it, and I have better
tools at my disposal. Perhaps if I win the lottery, but not just to
see what you think mobile APRS is all about.

> Or what would really be neat, is for someone to write a D710 or
> FTM-350 EMULATOR that shows people the real APRS mobile
> experience.  Then maybe we wouldn't see so many useless beacons,
> and objects where the information is so hidden that one has to
> look for it...

That's an interesting idea. It might persuade some people to get one...
or not. I'm sure there are lots of happy D700 D710 etc. users out there,
but I can't see myself getting one... unless I win the afore-mentioned lottery.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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