[aprssig] APRS over digimodes now on 40m

Chris Moulding chrism at crosscountrywireless.net
Fri Nov 12 12:02:21 CST 2010

Recently to try and generate more activity on APRS over digimodes using
APRS Messenger I suggested that the usual users try 40m rather than 30m.

The frequency being used for the testing is 7.0497 MHz. With a SSB
transceiver use a dial frequency of 7.0476 MHz USB with a tone of 2100 Hz.

So far (in Europe) the activity levels have soared as the 40m band is
open in the evening and during the day for local contacts.

If anyone wants to join in and try APRS over digimodes download APRS
Messenger from here:



Chris, G4HYG

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