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[aprssig] GPS Replacement

Amir Findling K9CHP sarlabs at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 12:46:59 UTC 2010

I may be wrong, actually, I sure hope I am, but I've never heard of 
anybody having used a Colorado/Oregon/Dakota/ 78 or 62 for APRS 
purposes. I'm still using an old 60CS on my D700. Having just changed 
vehicle, I first tried to have the GPS out of sight, but quickly found 
out I like to see the display. As for using my Nuvi for APRS, I prefer 
an uncluttered screen and not have a station appear just when I need to 
make a turn. I'd rather keep the Nuvi for navigation and the 60CS for APRS.


73 de K9CHP Amir Findling, Member ARRL, ARRL/ W5YI VE, WAC, WAS, DXCC

www.K9CHP.net <http://www.k9chp.net> Blog:http://k9chp.blogspot.com 

Eagle Valley Search Dogs <http://evdogs.org/>, Senior K9 Handler

K9 Certification Tester, NYS Federation of Search Teams 

1st Special Response Group <http://www.1srg.org/> (1SRG)

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