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[aprssig] APRS Mobiles and Frequency Objects RULE!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Nov 13 00:41:17 UTC 2010

This correction Email points out that it is the MOBILE APRS
radio (and HT) that is driving the future of APRS.  That is why
I am so focused on making sure that the mobile/HT Display shows
what APRS can do, and do well.  

Add up the mobile radios below and I get 37% of all apps on the
air are mobiles.  The only thing close is Uiview (19%)... And
relating this to the original thread, adding together the D710
and FTM350 gives 9% of all users DO have a TUNE/QSY button.  And
these are the 3rd largest group of users.  So the APRS Frequency
format and provision for FREQ Objects to mobiles is very
important and should be considered in all future applications
for helping us communicate (hams talking to hams).

>> That doesn't change reality: very few radios
>> ("few" in terms of stations on the air and
>> in terms of available models)... have a tune button....

Ah, but as noted above, those radios with a Tune/QSY button for
APRS Frequency formatted packets are the 3rd largest group of
APRS users!... I stumbled across Lynn's KJ4ERJ may 2010 sorted
list of APRS types on the air (all of those showing 1% or more
of users):

19% Uiview
10% D700 (but includes some TinyTrak's too)
 8% D710
 8% unknown
 5% OpenTrackers
 5% Yaesu VX-8's
 4% Kantronics
 3% D-star APJI
 3% TinyTrak3
 3% TH-D7
 2% AGW Tracker
 2% Xastir
 1% Yaesu FTM-350
 1% Icom ?
 1% D-star APDPRS
 1% WinAPRS

So if one is not experiencing APRS displays on their mobile,
they are becoming a minority and are not seeing the big


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