[aprssig] Ultimate APRS digi

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Fri Nov 19 10:44:17 CST 2010

> The result is vastly improved local user reliability since their
> input packets on 144.99 do not have to compete with any of the
> 144.39 congestion.  Yet 144.39 still has ALL info for ALL users.

> Until someone designs such a 3-input hardware, the closest I
> know of would be a KPC-9612 and another TNC combined at the
> site.  Its not the ultimate, but is the closest we can come for
> now?

Isn't that still just two inputs?  Or are you counting 1200 and 9600 as 
separate inputs?  That can be done simultaneously on the same input with 
the right software.

It happens that I've got a dual-port, dual-speed tracker/TNC in the 
works now.  It's been on the back burner for a while, but a couple of 
commercial customers (doing non-APRS things) have made it a priority for 
me.  I'm still swamped with other projects, though, so if someone with a 
strong background in PCB design wants some contract work, contact me 
off-list with your qualifications.  I'd rather spend my time focusing on 
the software.


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