[aprssig] Ultimate APRS digi

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Fri Nov 19 12:38:03 CST 2010

On 11/19/2010 12:30 PM, Bob Poortinga wrote:
>> I'm not sure you understand.  If you are away from an alt input digi, use
>> 144.39 simplex. if you are in range of an alt input digi, use 144.39+600.
> I understand completely.  You assume that all mobile operators use
> radios with controls at their fingertips.  This is not the case for many
> mobile APRS stations including myself.  My APRS radio (and controls)
> is in the trunk and my APRS display is a GPS (Nuvi 350).
> 73 de

Another with similar set-up. I have a GE Phoenix and TAPR Pic-E well 
hidden. The GPS is a Garmin 45xl, which is available while driving.

Next update is Nuvi 350 (already have). Hoping to get the cable for 
Christmas. However, the radio will remain out-of-reach while driving.

Not all (some 30%?) have APRS display mobiles at their  fingertips.

By the way, trying not to be a luddite, I had a chance to test / use a 
VX8R handheld for about 2 months. Wow. Great to have all that info in 
such a small package. It would make a terrible thing to use mobile, 
though. It also lacks diagnostics - can't see the path of incoming 
pakets, is one failing.

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