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Wes Johnston, AI4PX wes at ai4px.com
Thu Nov 18 18:39:35 UTC 2010

Ohhh... I get it... F/U means Follow Up... whew.  For a minute I thought....
well never mind. lol

God help those who do not help themselves.

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 11:06, David Dobbins <ddobbins at gmail.com> wrote:

> As a followup to my earlier message I'd like to say thanks to those who
> have contributed to this thread.
> We'll continue experimenting/implementing our ideas on 96kbd both VHF and
> UHF in the Puget Sound region.
> I have a couple questions to answer and will get to them this evening.
> Bob's idea of a duplex-APRS 144.39/.99 is interesting to me. I sure would
> like to see this implemented somewhere "big" for a year or so, and report
> back with how it worked out.
> We have resolved some of the x-banding issues. One goal has always been to
> make it transparent to the mobile users on different freqs/baud rates to
> hear/see each other, and exchange data with each other. The x-band messaging
> seems to be resolved, for the most part, through some ingenious hams we have
> in Puget Sound. You guys rock!
> We're also deep into iGating from the mountaintop, and seeing the
> advantages that has to offer. More on this later, after we do some more
> proof-of-concept testing.
> Some discussion about just making the transition to 96kbd on 144.39 likely
> won't fly.....ever. I still see people using RELAY in their path, WIDE5-5
> occasionally, and a too-slowly diminishing number of non-S WIDE digipeaters.
> Those are all easy changes to implement and if we can't get past making
> those kinds of changes, something requiring a change in equipment will never
> fly.
> Speaking of flying......as I'm into Near Space Projects with high altitude
> ballooning, check out K6RPT-11 balloon at 110kft+ just entered Nevada and
> still going east. Sure glad I'm not in that chase crew. Perhaps the guys in
> Utah will help recover????
> Regards, David K7GPS
> NWAPRS Spokane Coordinator
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