[aprssig] ADSB2APRS testing by LZ1QRM

Arne Stahre sm6vyf at gatugarden.com
Mon Nov 22 11:02:18 CST 2010

  Check out http://www.lima-zulu.com/

  ADSB to APRS script:
"The script is in very early stage but at least I have something 
working. I should fix some bugs as well as to add new features. So far 
it gets ADSB data from PlanePlotter, adsbScope or SBS1 station checks 
local icao24 hex to airplane ident database and sends APRS message to 
one of the core APRS servers which includes coordinates, original time 
stamp,link for the most recent pictures of the practicular airplane and 
some additional information about the script itself. That's all so far..."

  Note the "I should fix some bugs as well", shouldn't we all...

  73 de SM6VYF/Arne

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