[aprssig] TH-D72's arrive in Atlanta!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Nov 30 15:33:09 CST 2010

> Subject: [aprssig] TH-D72 Manuals up on Kenwood Site
> http://manual.kenwood.com/en_contents/attachDownload/7736/  
> (small version 1.3MB)
> http://manual.kenwood.com/en_contents/attachDownload/7742/  
> (larger version 6.5MB) 

And I hear that the first shippment has arrived in Atlanta.
I'll be there at the HRO Grand Re-opening this weekend (Saturday
4 Dec) to get mine and shmooze around all day.  Apparently the
store is offering discounts on lots of items.


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