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[aprssig] Best path for balloon

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Aug 4 16:38:17 UTC 2011

> Subject: [aprssig] Best path for balloon
> My question is wich is the best path for the beacon?


Because WIDE1-1 is VERBOTEN at altitude because it brings up all manner
offill-in digis often at peoples homes and causes them QRM.

Because WIDE2-2 is not needed, since every digipeater will hear the packet
direct, and once it is on the ground, your chase crew should certainly be
within 1 digipeater of hearing it if it makes any digi at all.

So WIDE2-1 is the way to get one hop without using WIDE1-1.

Also NO MORE OFTEN than once per minute (if using he national frequency)...


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