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[aprssig] Best path for balloon

Ronald Armstrong ve2jor at videotron.ca
Thu Aug 4 16:41:41 UTC 2011

Hello Gaston

The path for the balloon is wide2-1...that is
we are using here in the province of Québec
we are a group that we launch balloon in the
  summerhere is our web site it is in french

Ronald VE2JOR

> Hello everybody, we're launching one balloon in september. The
> experiment will include APRS (of course) a voice repeater and CW
> telemetry.
> My question is wich is the best path for the beacon?
> Also this saturday we will test the equipment in a gliding (is that
> name correct?), then the question is again wich is the best path for
> beacon.
> Any suggestion?
> Many thanks in advance.

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