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[aprssig] [aprs-sig] Setting up a basic weather station

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Aug 8 19:33:51 UTC 2011

Hi Alexander,

That's exactly the sort of thing we sell the ADS-WS1 for:


My demo station (N1VG-14) has an ADS-WS1, an old Alinco DJ-F1T handheld, 
an 8 AH gel cell battery, a cheap charge controller, and a 5-watt solar 
panel from Harbor Freight.  The battery, radio, and charge controller 
are in a .50 cal ammo can.  It's been running like that for a couple of 
years now.

If you're not getting to the APRS network direct from the garden site, 
you could set up an IGate at home, which could be as simple as a scanner 
or other radio listening on 144.39 and connected to the PC sound card, 
with AGWPE and UI-View32 running.

I've got another ADS-WS1 setup that I'll have to post details about 
later.  I cut off the TV antenna that came with my travel trailer and 
replaced it with the wind sensor assembly, so I can crank it up and 
orient it from inside the trailer.  When the mast is lowered, the 
dual-band antenna blocks the anemometer cups to keep them from spinning 
at freeway speeds.


On 8/8/2011 12:26 PM, Alexander Sack wrote:
> Folks:
> I am thinking of setting up a weather station at community co-op as a
> service to the gardeners.  I want to relay the weather information to
> my home base and then broadcast it on the web.
> I was thinking of doing the data collection via RF.  Problem, I am not
> going to keep a D710A or other substance at the garden.  Is there a
> cheaper way to do this?  I have no problem setting up an antenna and
> we do have a shed with a lock on it.  Is there a cheap way to relay WX
> objects via APRS (RF)?
> Looking for some ideas,
> -aps (KC2ZSX)
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