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[aprssig] Mac Lion APRS iGate software?

Larry LaBranche capdiamont at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 12 18:47:34 UTC 2011

I downloaded a binary of xastir from one of the listed links. I have a i7 iMac using Lion. I have have to walk away after any zooming, or movement of a few I tried, detailed maps. Looking at the cpu monitor, it is less then 1% of usage. I disabled all maps because of this. I did figure out how to do igating, just have to figure out my password, and connecting the radio. Looking through the docs, and email list, it only does fill in digi.

Talked with PocketPacket folks, about making some igate/digi Mac software, and it is in their long range plans.

-KI6ZQY 73

On Aug 12, 2011, at 10:40 AM, Alex Carver wrote:

>> From: "Stephen H. Smith"
>> On 8/11/2011 11:27 PM, Larry LaBranche wrote:
>>> Is there a good, easy to install and use Mac APRS
>> igate/digi software for Lion. I find myself getting tired of
>> playing with computers anymore. There is a good Mac client
>> that can be installed easily from the app store called
>> PocketPacket. I've tried Xastir but the maps seem to just
>> crawl and don't see iGating.
>> Xastir maps leave a lot to be desired, but it DOES
>> igate/digi decently.
> You obviously haven't seen Xastir lately now that it can use Open Street Maps.
> The Xastir developers have done a ton of work and gotten some very nice mapping working in there now.  TI/GER maps are still able to be used but the Open Street Maps provide full color, detailed maps at many different scales.
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