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[aprssig] iGate on an IRLP node?

la3qma at aprs.la la3qma at aprs.la
Fri Aug 19 07:20:44 UTC 2011

Siterer "Heikki Hannikainen" <hessu at hes.iki.fi>:

> I have to say that the lack of the web server is part of aprx's and
> aprsg's beauty. Too many programs try to become web servers although
> they don't really need to, leading to unnecessary security holes and
> extra maintenance for everyone involved.
> Personally, I'd much rather run a separate web server which would then
> run a script to generate a status page.
>   - Hessu

I second that...

The simple but still advanced aprx software is the advantage of this  
package. I would also prefer that aprx still being developed so that  
it is an IGATE and digipeater. Other "non igate/digi" features  
should/could then be accessible by scripting. Making more advanced  
IGATE/digi functions and keep the software small so that it fits in  
i.e Linksys routers etc.

You can always parse the log files from aprx to get information to a  

Kai Gunter

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