[aprssig] APRS talk in Los Alamos?

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Wed Aug 31 13:56:06 CDT 2011

On 8/31/2011 2:50 PM, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> On 8/31/2011 1:10 PM, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>> Tom,
>> EXCELLENT explanation!
>> Now would this problem go away if people used the WIDE2-2 path in that area
>> instead of WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1??  I think so, because then the DUPE filter would
>> work on the 2nd hop?
>> If this fixes it, then our goal would be to get ALL such OLD KPC-3's to have
>> a BEACON that says something like: "Use W2-2."  Especiall in an area whre
>> most of the TNC's have this problem?
>> Bob, Wb4APR
> This is exactly what the beacons say on all the Los Angeles-area digi 
> beacons: "  "WIDE2-2 Is Best Path in SoCal".
> Here the issue is discouraging WIDE1-1 fill-ins on the ground, since the 
> 5,000-7,000-foot-high mountain tops can be hit directly from pretty much 
> anywhere in greater Los Angeles area in a single hop.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[I forgot to add:]

Of course this falls  on deaf ears for the majority of users with transmit-only 
trackers (who probably wouldn't be able to change paths even if they could hear).

On the other hand, if you could get the daily driver locals to change path 
settings, the occasional transient wouldn't be much of a problem.

One could use WIDE2-2 in the main setting and WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 in the alternate 
setting of TinyTracks and their derivatives.

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