[aprssig] Fixing older KPC-3 Duping Digis! (docs)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 31 16:50:46 CDT 2011

I just updated the recommendations for 8.2 digs under the New-N paradigm.
See if I got it right?


I boiled it down to this:

1) Put "NoW1 SSn-N ..." in  the beacons

2) do either of the following:
* Areas with an IGate, do nothing different.
* Sparse areas, put WIDE1-1 in the UIDIGI Alias list.

The result is that all mobiles are warned by the beacon that WIDE1-1 is not
a good idea in this area because either:
* you will get digipeated once only (but an IGate is nearby)
* It will work, but you are generating excessive dupes.

Hope that covers it?

And remember, all the info on the New-N paradigm is on the page:



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