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[aprssig] Linking digipeaters

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Mar 9 00:50:21 UTC 2011

> idea in 20 years, who are satisfied with the status-quo, and who are
> overcharging by more than $100 for archaic designs.  I'd love to see someone
> flood the market with cheap AtMega or PIC-based KISS-only TNCs with a USB
> connection.

No love for HCS08 or Coldfire, huh?

The OpenTracker USB is our new low-end unit, and it's a whole lot more 
than a KISS-only TNC.  It's designed for low cost manufacturing (e.g., 
using a light pipe and SMT LED rather than a through-hole LED that needs 
to be cut to length and hand soldered, and with all USB functions 
on-chip rather than using a converter) but we won't get the benefit of 
that until production gets ramped up - which will hopefully be soon. 
Too many projects, not enough cash.

Kantronics really is limited by their old designs.  The Tracker2 has 
been out for less than 5 years and already it's needing a major redesign 
to keep up with technology and to keep from being dependent on old parts 
that get more and more expensive and harder and harder to find.  I hate 
to think what they're paying for parts and assembly on those things.


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