[aprssig] Device Capabilities & proportional pathing

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Nov 9 12:35:31 CST 2011


Please add a row for Proportional Pathing on the Device chart (and client
chart if it is not there).  Add it adjacent to Smart Beaconing.

You can mark the Kenwood D72 and D710 as having it.  I think that the VX8's
also have it?

As most people know, it is my preferred beaconing mechanism because it gives
the close-in operators more frequent updates on a known 1 minute schedule
making it easier to anticipate the next position and to facilitate a
rendezvous.  Passing vehicles with a combined speed of 120 MPh travel more
than 2 miles in a minute.  If a beacon is as much as 3 minutes apart, that
makes more than 6 mile error.  Whereas with Proportioanl Pathing, you can
anticipate the next fix from the other guy to the nearest second or so which
can nail down a rendezvous to a much closer 200 feet or so.


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