[aprssig] questions about the Bulletin Screen "billboard" concept

John Gorkos jgorkos at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 07:14:06 CST 2011

On 11/09/2011 11:58 PM, Andrew P. wrote:
> Hi, John.
> Glad to get your contact info. I'm not sure if I can find the notepad 
> I was scribbling on at the DCC, so I'm glad to have another copy of 
> your contact info.
> If you want some geographically redundant places to deploy your AVRS 
> server, I'd be happy to host a copy. I already have a business-grade 
> FiOS Internet line with spare static IP's into my place, and have been 
> hosting low-budget websites here for about 5 years (Fedora Core Linux, 
> Postgresql, and Tomcat for the current deployments, but Apache and PHP 
> available). Just bought replacement batteries for all the old UPS's; 
> ouch! :-)  I'm reasonably happy that my service hasn't gone down even 
> with Hurricane Irene and the latest nor'easter (OK, the lines were 
> knocked down during the nor'easter, but service kept running through 
> them on the ground, and I did have an 8-hour power outage after Irene, 
> but the batteries kept it up through most of that).
That's a very generous offer.  The AVRS stuff is lightweight, so I don't 
think it would cause issues with anything you have in place.  I'd be 
interested in exploring having an alternate site that could be brought 
online in the event of failure here in Atlanta.
Let me try to get the code into a more "packaged" and deployable form, 
with a basic installer, and we'll go from there.

> Regarding licensing, I've been considering the Lesser GPL (LGPL) for 
> my own stuff; third-party libraries I'm using would of course have to 
> remain under their own licenses.
Man, I'm right there with Georg in saying "whew...".  I was afraid you 
were going to go the closed source route, too, and the LGPL decision is 
music to my ears.  There are some great open-source, amateur radio 
software oriented communities out there (hamlib, aprx, the ax25 stack, 
xastir), and there's no reason we can't build one around the code you're 
working on.

Keep us updated!

John Gorkos
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