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[aprssig] Auto-Answer meets Auto-Responder (AVRS)

John Gorkos jgorkos at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 12:01:31 UTC 2011

Now that you guys have solved the problem for me, I'll put it in code.  I
was actually just waiting to see if this whole open-source thing actually
works.  You know, someone sees a problem, checks out the code, fixes it,
and then tells the author "Hey, I've got a patch for you to fix this
auto-responder problem."
Since that didn't happen, I'll at least put in '[AA]' detection.

BTW, a huge thank you to Georg Lukas (DO1GL) for actually doing that.  He
just added/fixed the position ambiguity code in the Java APRS Parsers in
the AVRS source code.  I'm tempted to blame him for the stability fix in
AVRS, too:  the AVRS daemon has been running now for 33 days straight,
which is a huge win over the 18-24 hours I was getting a month ago.  If you
haven't tried APRSDroid (Georg's labor of love, for some reason he put me
in the credits.  Probably for moral support), try it now.  It just gets
better and better.

Finally, another plug for www.aprs-alert.net.  I got the host name lookup
stuff fixed (now http://aprs-alert.net works as well as
http://www.aprs-alert.net), and I fixed the off-by-one bug that put users
into an infinite loop when trying to add notification rules after creating
monitored stations, zones, and notification addresses.

The pace of aprs-alert and avrs development should pick up a bit now.  I
spent the month of October interviewing for new jobs, and studying some of
the new developments in Java to prepare for those interviews.  If you're
having a problem finding a job in the US right now, learn Java.  I get a
dozen emails a day from recruiters wanting Java developers and architects.
Doesn't seem to be a job shortage in that market.

de AB0OO
John Gorkos

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