[aprssig] Kenwood D710 Mic protocol

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Thu Nov 10 10:18:52 CST 2011

Quoting "Tom Hayward" <esarfl at gmail.com>:

> You're not the first one to have this idea. This guy has a working
> prototype of a keyboard adapter:
> http://www.shaneburrell.com/?tag=tm-d710a
> It uses an FPGA to generate the mic key signals, because it's a very
> odd protocol no one has been able to implement with just a
> microcontroller. This page shows what the protocol looks like:

Doing it the hard way. Not sure why people want to do it like that. I  
was thinking of doing it like the coastalchip did for the TM-D700 but  
for the TM-D710 you have to decode the mic line signal.

So i was thinking a bit further why not use an android/windows/iphone  
gadget and you have a keyboard and everything you need to send/receive  
messages and also configure/control the radio.

> http://www.coastalchip.com/D710.htm
> I started a similar project, but to simplify things I planned to
> inject serial data on the control head line, because the protocol is a
> lot simpler. It's just TTL UART @ 57600 baud (same as many of the
> other Kenwood radios). I only got as far as investigating the
> protocol, no working prototype.

I'm aware of this and with a small modification you can send messages  
but you have to type it "blindly" as using the connection on the  
display is not giving you this feedback.

using a keyboard with a small LCD display and you can send/receive  
messages when the radio is in APRS mode.

Using an android/windows/iphone gadget you get even more...

Kai Gunter

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