[aprssig] Kenwood D710 Mic protocol

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Nov 10 11:02:00 CST 2011

Im not following this thread closely, but here is a data point.

Turns out the D700 DTMF keyboard interface will work with the D710... BUT,
the problem is, that it ONLY works for the DTMF text,  all the other buttons
such as editing >, <, del, and CR (ENTER) the old D700 interface was able to
implement via programmable function keys on the Mic.  Such that your hands
never had to leave the keyboard to originate, edit and send the message.

On the D710, he can do the DTMF text, but your hands have to go back and
forth so much between the DTMF keyboard and the radio edit and send buttons
that it was not worth the trouble.

Maybe you guys can figure out the DATA stream to do all of this from your
Microntroller.  This would be FANTASTIC.

Just do not overlook the fact, that unless you can do the Texting, and
Editing and other message functions all from the added keyboard, then it
might be a frustrating result?

Bob, Wb4APR

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Quoting "Tom Hayward" <esarfl at gmail.com>:

> You're not the first one to have this idea. This guy has a working
> prototype of a keyboard adapter:
> http://www.shaneburrell.com/?tag=tm-d710a
> It uses an FPGA to generate the mic key signals, because it's a very
> odd protocol no one has been able to implement with just a
> microcontroller. This page shows what the protocol looks like:

Doing it the hard way. Not sure why people want to do it like that. I
was thinking of doing it like the coastalchip did for the TM-D700 but
for the TM-D710 you have to decode the mic line signal.

So i was thinking a bit further why not use an android/windows/iphone
gadget and you have a keyboard and everything you need to send/receive
messages and also configure/control the radio.

> http://www.coastalchip.com/D710.htm
> I started a similar project, but to simplify things I planned to
> inject serial data on the control head line, because the protocol is a
> lot simpler. It's just TTL UART @ 57600 baud (same as many of the
> other Kenwood radios). I only got as far as investigating the
> protocol, no working prototype.

I'm aware of this and with a small modification you can send messages
but you have to type it "blindly" as using the connection on the
display is not giving you this feedback.

using a keyboard with a small LCD display and you can send/receive
messages when the radio is in APRS mode.

Using an android/windows/iphone gadget you get even more...

Kai Gunter

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