[aprssig] UIview Lives On! Announcing Precision Mapping 9.0 & new PMap Server for UIview

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Sat Nov 12 15:45:23 CST 2011

Not much good to us in Austalia !


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Subject: [aprssig] UIview Lives On! Announcing Precision Mapping 9.0 & new 
PMap Server for UIview

> Around the end of this month, Undertow Software will release Precision 
> Mapping 9.0, the next major version of this program widely used with 
> UIview 2.03 for fully scrollable, zoomable maps of North America WITHOUT 
> an Internet connection. the new version incorporates  significant updates 
> in the road database and many useful added features.
> Further, Undertow Software has gone out of their way to acknowledge and 
> support the UIview developer community.  They have  explicitly provided 
> "UIview-awareness" in the program's  internals to facilitate mating it 
> with UIview/Precision Mapping.
> An new Precision Mapping Server 9.0 plugin, also to be released around the 
> same time, will be required to use the new version of Precision Mapping 
> with UIview32.     Earlier this year, there were some fears that the next 
> release of Precision Mapping would be incompatible with UIview, and mark 
> the end of this program.   However, the new 9.0 versions of Precision 
> Mapping and the Precision Mapping Server plugin for UIview will extend the 
> life of UIview yet again!
> Some random observations from beta tests so far:
> The PMap Server 9.0 plug-in will be provided in a standard Windows 
> "wizard"-type installer that will install and work on Windows 7 with no 
> hassles; i.e. without the clumsy workarounds required for Win 7 installs 
> of the previous PMap Server 7.07 .
> Precision Mapping 9.0 and the PMap Server 9 plugin install and run on 
> Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 7.  Go to
> . <http://wa8lmf.net/pics/PMap9-Preview.htm>
> to see a screenshot of all three OSes running UIview in separate virtual 
> machines at once.
> The installed footprint, on the hard disk, of the main Precision Mapping 
> program has increased from about 2.4 GB for Version 8.1  to around 3.3 GB 
> for Version 9.0. Despite Undertow's stated requirements of a 2 GHz 
> processor, I am running the UIview2.03/Precision Mapping 8.0/PMap Server 
> 9.0 combo quite usably on a 866 MHz Pentium III with 512 MB RAM.  Zooms 
> and scrolls are a bit sluggish, but it works.    The new versions should 
> well within the capabilities of 1.66 GHz Intel "Atom"-powered netbook PCs.
> Part of the increased bulk of Precision Mapping is the set of colored 
> textured relief images that can be displayed under the main road map 
> display.   (This is similar to the relief images you see under the road 
> map in newer Garmin Nuvi car navigators when you zoom out to larger 
> areas.)
> The new Precision Mapping 9.0 main (stand-alone) program now allows you to 
> draw in new streets, and add them to the database.    If you have an live 
> Internet connection, you can download and underlay the map with a 
> real-time NWS radar image of the entire United States with two mouse 
> clicks!
> Both Precision Mapping stand-alone and the UIview running the PMap Server 
> 9 plugin allow you to underlay images in a variety of formats including 
> .GIF, .JPG and .PNG .   (Previous versions only allowed underlays in .BMP 
> format, causing images stored on disk to be up to 10 times or more 
> larger.)       Support of these other formats means that topo and 
> satellite images downloaded from the Internet can now be used as-is 
> without conversion to .BMP format.
> Precision Mapping has always supported a set of drawing tools to create 
> user-drawn overlays and markups on maps. These include point, line and 
> area objects.   In the past, these were used in UIview displays for 
> highlighting parade routes, marking patrol or search  zones,  adding 
> points of interest like field day sites, aid stations, or SAR base camps, 
> etc.
> Versions of Precision Mapping after Ver 6.0 used a file format 
> incompatible with UIview/PMap Server to store these overlay files.  You 
> had to have access to an ancient Precision Mapping 6.0 setup to create 
> overlay files compatible with PMap Server 7.07.     The new PMap Server 
> 9.0 now accepts the native overlay format of Precision Mapping 9, and can 
> make these markups show inside UIiview again!   (Note that this only 
> affects what is seen in the local UIview setup -- none of these overlay 
> markups are transmitted over APRS networks to other stations.)
> A new "PMap9_Notes" page will be added to my website alongside the 
> existing "PMap7_Notes" and "PMap8_Notes" pages before the end of the 
> month.
> Existing pages:
> . <http://wa8lmf.net/aprs/UIview_Notes.htm>
> . <http://wa8lmf.net/aprs/PMap7_Notes.htm>
> . <http://wa8lmf.net/aprs/PMap8_Notes.htm>
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