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[aprssig] Fwd:IHRAS - National Simplex Monitoring Team

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Nov 9 00:44:20 UTC 2011

>> Great idea but not a single mention of APRS and Voice Alert...

Subject: [RAOTA] IHRAS - National Simplex Monitoring Team

> The press release went live on QRZ.com this afternoon.

A better method of simplex alert is APRS Voice Alert.  This means monitoring
the national APRS packet freqency of 144.39 with CTCSS of 100.  The CTCSS
assures you hear none of the wall-to-wall digipeated packets...  BUT...  You
will hear a once a minute BURP if there is another APRS mobile within a mile
or so simplex range.

When you hear one of these (its like a free radar detector for other hams)
just press PTT and make a VOICE call using the same CTCSS 100.  The OTHER
guy will hear you!  Because he is also listening with CTCSS 100.  Of course
the first thing you do is QSY to 52 for the chat so that your voice is not
clobbered by packets.

THe beauty of this is that on 52 one would have to call CQ once a minute to
get the same contact potential.  But on APRS with CTCSS 100, the APRS radio
is automatically pinging away, and you cant miss it when someone gets in

CAUTION!!! Do NOT EVER activate a fixed home packet station with CTCSS100 on
the APRS channel.  Reason is, that a human is not there 100% of the time.
And there is nothing more frustrating than hearing a CTCSS100 packet burst,
and responding to the call and finding NO ONE THERE.  So this is ONLY For
mobiles to transmit when a HUMAN is actually behind the wheel.  Yes, you can
monitor at home for CTCSS100, but you must not TRANSMIT unless a human is


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