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[aprssig] Java APRS client (Was: questions about the Bulletin Screen "billboard" concept)

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Thu Nov 10 09:27:11 UTC 2011

Hello Andrew,

* Andrew P. <andrewemt at hotmail.com> [2011-11-10 05:59]:
> Regarding licensing, I've been considering the Lesser GPL (LGPL) for
> my own stuff [..]

This is great news! I had a strong fear you would follow the
closed-source mentality that is all-too-common in amateur radio circles.

> For example, I'm currently using the old Sun JavaHelp 20
> library because I don't like the license for Oracle Help for Java
> (OHJ), but I don't know if Oracle is planning on retroactively
> changing the JavaHelp binary library license (or if they already have)
> to make it more restrictive and/or costly.

At least according to http://javahelp.java.net/ (at the bottom of the
page), JavaHelp is GPLv2 licensed.

I'm already very eager to try out your application! Please set up a
source code repository (github would be great) as soon as you have
figured out the licensing issues!


Georg DO1GL
APRSdroid - Open Source APRS Position reporting and Mapping on Android
http://aprsdroid.org/m ++ https://market.android.com/details?id=org.aprsdroid.app
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