[aprssig] A TNC2 (clone) question

kc8sfq at mei.net kc8sfq at mei.net
Mon Nov 14 08:24:21 CST 2011

Hi  All:
I have an old MFJ1274 TNC. I'm thinking of
putting it, along with a radio and a gel cell battery, in a waterproof box
for use as a temp DIGI for SAR and similar such field use.

I know about the MFJ:
1: It won't work with APRSISCE/32 (my fav)
since it won't stay in KISS mode.
2: It'll require a new EPROM for
extended KISS operation. That's about $40-50 by the time it's all up and
running. There are better and easier ways to do that for the same

My questions:
1: Will the MFJ1274 support the new
n-N paradigm? or will it need to be addressed by it's specific
callsign-SSID? (I know it's been upgraded to at least 1.2.9 firmware)

2: will the MFJ even function as an APRS DIGI? (my understanding
is that there's nothing special about an APRS packet as far as a DIGI is

Thanks and 73  KC8SFQ  Ron

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