[aprssig] A TNC2 (clone) question

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Mon Nov 14 11:16:33 CST 2011

Hi Tom, you wrote:

 >you need to have all of your SAR
> personnel reconfigure their trackers when the portable digi is
> on, and again reconfigure all of their trackers when the
portable digi
> is taken down, runs out of batteries, etc.\

Well, Rats!! That was my suspicion though. I WAS hoping, but not
really surprised. The 1274 is getting a little long in the tooth, but it
still works.

> If I were to build a SAR digipeater, it would
be with a

have one OT2 already, but it is dedicated to the truck so I can have
mapping and messaging. APRS is, after-all, all about situational awareness
on the move.

> Have your SAR personnel set their trackers to
> Configure the Tracker2 to preempt on
SARn-N. This way, the trackers
> still get into the normal network
if available. When you have a SAR
> network in place, it will
digipeat your SAR trackers but not the rest
> of the stations on

I had seen a discussion to this affect before, and it
is precisely the functionality I am striving for. I want my porta-digi to
intigrate seamlessly and transparently into, and out, of the system
without having to reinvent the wheel every time something changes.

I guess I'm still looking for a wagon for the old war-horse of an
MFJ to pull.

Thanks, Tom.
73  KC8SFQ  Ron
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