[aprssig] New UZ7HO Soundcard HF (and now VHF) Packet Modem Is Really Hot - update

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Wed Nov 16 22:37:14 CST 2011

The new, still in beta, UZ7HO "sound modem" is a sound card application that 
converts nearly any PC sound card into a high-performance dual-channel 300-baud 
HF packet modem.   This app emulates the interface of the AGW Packet Engine.  
Any program that can work with AGWpe (such as Uiview, APRSpoint, APRSplus or 
WinAPRS) can instantly use the UZ7HO HF sound modem instead.   Unlike AGW, the 
TNC tone pair used by UZ7HO is tunable, by clicking on a waterfall display like 
the typical PSK31 app, or by editing the .ini file created on first run..  It 
has multiple software audio "receivers" running in parallel that tolerate 
off-frequency tones far better than other HF soft modems.

The UZ7HO sound modem is evolving so fast it's hard to keep up!

Late breaking news!!!   As of 16 Nov 2011, version .29 now supports 1200 baud 
VHF mode as well as 300 baud HF.  With a stereo input sound system, you can now 
use HF and VHF simultaneously!    I've repacked the Ver .29 beta into a 
standard Windows "wizard"-type installer that creates the directory, desktop 
shortcut, and also includes G7OMN's PDF user guide.  Download the package from 
my website at:

. <wa8lmf.net/miscinfo/UZ7HO-Soundmodem-Install-Ver-.29-Beta.exe>


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