[aprssig] Java APRS parser library

John Gorkos jgorkos at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 08:57:33 CST 2011

Just a few administrative notes about the Java APRS parsers and the 
other code I've got floating around out there.
I've extracted the APRS parsers (which are pure Java and have no 
external dependencies) out of the AVRS sourceforge project and moved 
them to github.  They can be found under the javAPRSlib project at 
https://github.com/ab0oo/javAPRSlib .  I'm also going to change the 
license from GPLv2 to LGPLv3.  This will allow the parsers to be used in 
commercial projects, provided they are properly attributed, and any cool 
changes are committed back to the source tree.
The AVRS tree still exists in Sourceforge, and contains the database 
schemas, aprs-alert.net web site code, all the wedjat code (backend to 
aprs-alert.net), and the automatic voice-relay system code.  I continue 
to tweak it, and hopefully it will continue to get better.  I have a 
roadmap for it that I'll post on the AVRS SF page sometime in the next week.

Just wanted to let people know that open-source code is alive and well 
in the APRS community, and to invite anyone with ideas or coding 
experience to join the fun.

John Gorkos

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