[aprssig] APRS History

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Fri Nov 18 15:35:48 CST 2011

On 11/18/2011 4:21 PM, Bob Bruninga wrote:
> Out of curiosity, I found 4 of the original 27 calls identified in that 1986
> handbook chapter as showing on APRS now in Nov 2011.  WB4APR, WA0JS-2 (an
> IRLP repeater), W0RPK-63 showing as a balloon, and N0AN with 8 SSID's!  The
> others are either silent keys, moved on to other things, or changed calls.

Just a curious question that there may no longer be an answer for, but 
in the days of AX.25-only APRS, and pre-APRS-IS, how did W0RPK 
accomplish an -SSID of -63?

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