[aprssig] Web page index?

Jim (List) jim.list at stuckinthemud.org
Sat Nov 19 08:09:42 CST 2011

There is no such thing as "HTML to cause a directory listing", it's links on
an HTML page to the underlying files.

True directory browsing is a server-enabled function, and a security risk so
it's very rare to find any that do allow it (in my experience, those who do
are small / home ISP's who don't realise the risk or haven't realised it's

It can be done on-the-fly through PHP/ASP/etc. (depending on the server
technology), where you get a list of files programmatically and create the
HTML links in code. However direct script access to the file system is
another security risk (big one!) and normally barred.


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> Anyone know the HTML to cause a directory listing?

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