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[aprssig] Fw: Some obscure APRS client questions

Andrew P. andrewemt at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 14 14:45:31 UTC 2011

Oops. Another reply to poster instead of to list.

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Subject: Re: [aprssig] Some obscure APRS client questions

Using the "two TNCs" trick is probably the safest way. But that means more hardware (right now, I only have one TNC that isn't built into a radio). Good thing TNCs are pretty cheap.

My employer builds equipment for E911 dispatching, and the grief we have to go through in testing to ensure we don't get arrested for making bogus 911 calls (when we are doing authorized testing) is pretty strict. So, if I can keep it off the airwaves ("unused" frequency or not), so much the better.

That does make a "standard regression test suite" a bit more difficult to implement. On the other hand, there aren't that many software developers in this specialized area, and we probably should be testing against multiple types of hardware. 

So which brand of stand-alone TNC should I buy next? Already have an antique MFJ 1278.

Andrew. Pavlin, KA2DDO

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On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 8:17 AM, Eric Hansen <skyssx at gmail.com> wrote:
> Can't you put as the first line of the Emergency message that it is an
> Emergency test? This works out for broadcast radio.

Other APRS software isn't designed to look for the word "test".

Just QSY to an unused frequency to perform the test, or use a null
modem serial cable to let one "TNC" talk to another "TNC" for testing.


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