[aprssig] Setting up a KPC-3+ as a tracker

KA7O ka7o at ka7o.net
Sat Nov 19 13:40:58 CST 2011

I really don't want to be "That guy", but looks like I'm stepping up to it.

Everything you're asking is explained quite well in the KPC3+ user 
manual. There's a LOT of very good information in there. The only 
'gotchya' is ensuring the firmware version you have in your TNC is at 
least close to what the manual covers. I've not yet found a reliable 
online source for older versions.

Take a look at: http://kantronics.com/documents/kpc-3plus_manual_RevD.pdf

I think you'll find all you need there.


On 02/09/2011 09:30 AM, Kent Hufford wrote:
> I need to install a KPC-3+ with an Alinco mobile. The KPC-3+ is already
> wired to the
> Alinco thru the KPC-3+ RADIO DB9. So, I need to install the GPS thru a
> DB25-DB9 adapter
> on the KPC-3+ COMPUTER port.
> I have been looking on lots of great APRS web sites for all the KPC-3+
> settings. So
> far, all I have found are settings to make the KPC-3+ into a digi, or iGATE,
> or using the
> TNC with the GPS connected to the RADIO port on the 3+.
> Since the radio to TNC is already wired, and there is no plan to connect a
> laptop to the
> computer port on the TNC, just need a plain installation example.
> thanks in advance
> Kent
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