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Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Nov 22 18:05:22 CST 2011

I do agree, that after you have made all the obvious asertions about where the packet was heard, and there is still no other data, that you need to put them someplace, so at 0/0 makes sense.  But only for those that are unresolvable any other way.


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>I have been considering something like this for APRS messages heard
>via satellite.
>If one of the ISS aliases is in the path of a message, I'd need to
>calculate the ISS's position and footprint at the time of the message,
>and then use that as the basis for both stations locations 'vicinity
>plots'.  as more messages are heard those 'vicinity plots' would
>overlap some and the calculated 'vicinity plot' would reduce in size
>each time, by eliminating the non-overlapping areas. eventually I'd
>have a much better 'vicinity plot' for the stations heard via ISS.
>Something similar could be done with terrestrial paths, by using all
>the path elements as chained 'vicinity plots' and reducing by the
>non-overlapping areas on subsequent packets.
>This would get you a city on the first packet (somewhere between DC
>and New York) and a little more specific after a couple of packets
>(somewhere near a cheesesteak place in south philly).
>If I remember correctly, the guidance on 'vicinity plot'-ing the
>symbols on a map was to not show the symbols until the user zoomed out
>high enough that the ambiguity was irrelevant (in my case looking at
>Philly, New York and DC at the same time).
>73, Steve AB3LT
>On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 11:30 AM, Andrew P. <andrewemt at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Greetings, all.
>> I've been trying to implement vicinity plotting of stations that don't send position reports, and I'm having a tough time of it. Many of them were originated over TCPIP, so they never had an initial digipeater to use for vicinity plotting. Others digipeated over a path without tracing, so their path only reports the WIDEn aliases. Yet others had an initial digipeater, but I never got a position report from the digi itself to use for vicinity plotting.
>> So how should I handle these? Right now, they are being plotted off the coast of Africa at lat/lon 0,0. Should I be querying the invisible digis as to their position? That would at least help with some, but that would cause more spurious radio traffic.
>> Thanks in advance.
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