[aprssig] UZ7HO Soundmodem Update - Ver .31 Beta Now Available for Download

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Where is this AGWpe TCP/IP interface API documented?

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The latest version 0.31 beta, packed into a standard wizard-style Windows 
installer that creates the directory, start menu entry & desktop shortcut,  is 
now downloadable from my website at:


The new, still in beta, UZ7HO "sound modem" is a sound card application that 
converts nearly any PC sound card into a high-performance dual-channel 300-baud 
HF and 1200 baud VHF packet modem.   This app emulates the interface of the AGW 
Packet Engine.  Any program that can work with AGWpe via the TCP/IP interface 
(such as Uiview, APRSpoint, APRSplus, AGW Tracker, or WinAPRS) can instantly 
use the UZ7HO HF sound modem instead.   (It will NOT work with apps that link 
to AGWpe via DDE such as WinPack.)

Unlike AGW, the TNC tone pair(s) used by UZ7HO are fully tunable, by clicking 
on a waterfall display like the typical PSK31 app, or by editing the 
soundmodem.ini  b file created on the first run..

It has multiple software audio "receivers" running in parallel that tolerate 
off-frequency tones far better than other HF soft modems.

With a STEREO input sound system and TWO sound card interfaces, you can 
monitor/operate on HF and VHF at the same time; perfect for the TS2000 or other 
transceivers that are actually two radios in one box with separate audio 
outputs.  Note that most computer MIC inputs are single channel, while the LINE 
input (if you have one on your sound system) is stereo.

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