[aprssig] Satellite positions: Objects or Stations?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Oct 15 07:57:28 CDT 2011

> Iss as a station ?
>Iss is not a station
>Iss is an object

Let me say it again.  THINGS in APRS can be transmitted in several position formats.  Two of them are a station report and an object report.  The ONLY difference is that the station report THING NAME comes from the MYCALL in the TNC.  The OBJECT format is simply another way of reporting a THING that has a name longer than 6 characters or that has punctuation in it.

Once received, they are to be treated identically in all respects.  They are just two different ways of sending something, depending whether the name will fit in a callsign field in a TNC (the shorter format) or whether they have to use the longer OBJECT format. THEY ARE IDENTICAL THINGS once they have been received.


>> On 10/14/2011 9:14 PM, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>>> TO avoid the problem even in UIview, it wouild be nice if you originated the
>>> object on the APRS-IS as if it was a station by the satellite's name.  But
>>> this station's position should only be the LIVE-NOW posit.  We cannot have
>>> past, present and future positions all over the globe...
>> Ok, before I change the ISS from an object to a station, and possibly start beaconing live positions for any queried satellites, I'd like to get a consensus from the aprssig.  I made the ISS satellite an object sourced by KJ4ERJ-15 to provide for trackability and to adhere to the established norms (as I saw them, at least) that stations were "real" and objects were "manufactured".  Yes, they may be designed to be displayed the same, but there was some resistance to making RFID-implied locations "stations" rather than "objects" as it was somehow deemed "spoofing" something that wasn't really APRS.
>> Yes, these are satellites and not representative of potentially real individuals, but before I write code that is less traceable as to the source of the posits, I'd like to be able to point back to a consensus of individuals (call it "group-think"?) rather than a unilateral decision that may come back to haunt me two days/weeks/years after I put in operation.
>> So, Satellite Objects?  Or Source-Calls / Stations?  Weigh in with your opinion on the list or off and I'll see where the consensus lies in a few days' time.
>> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
>> PS. The positions being beaconed will be LIVE and the descriptions will be generic, not location specific.  If you want AOS/LOS information, either send a message to the satellite (see earlier thread about ISS Tracking & Pass Information) or look it up elsewhere.
>> Oh, but the posits will have a MultiLine encoding (http://www.aprs-is.net/WX/MultilineProtocol.aspx) of their approximate coverage area so that clients that support such displays will be able to see it.  This will appear as random characters on non-supporting clients, unfortunately.
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