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[aprssig] iPhone / iTouch / iPad

ve9nps ve9nps at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 15:24:29 UTC 2011

I currently use a TH-D7A(G) as my mobile using a RAM bracket and Pryme
Speaker Mic to complete the set-up.  I've use this set-up for several years
and it works well (poor man's option to a D-710 I know).

I have also, in the past, used a laptop running UI-View and Precision
Mapping in a mobile coupled with this radio for mapping and easier messaging
with a full keyboard.  This is however somewhat cumbersome and the XYL isn't
a big fan of being a make shift laptop stand.

Working in the aviation industry, I have often thought that a decent, yet
less cumbersome set-up would be using a device similar to the CDU - Control
Display Unit) (http://meriweather.com/777/ped/cdu.html) that interfaced with
a -700/710 or D7A, etc, to allow messaging with a better keyboard, and
possibly an on-board mapping unit.

I know there are systems such as the Av-Map series, some Garmin Nuvi's,
etc.  My question is, has anyone ever created an App for the i-phone/i-Pad
series?  It seems to me that these are excellent devices that could support
a full APRS program similar to the UI-View yet be easier to mount in a
mobile, etc., with a full keyboard for messaging, etc.

There is an Open APRS for the iPhone however it is dependent on a wireless
network to support the maps and the data feed.  This can get expensive on a
data package for long term use and be a draw back when you go "off grid".

Does anyone have an thoughts, ideas, or interest in creating such an app for
the iPhone / iPad systems?  Unfortunately, programming is not my forte.


Peter VE1PS / VE9NPS
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