[aprssig] Satellite positions: FREQUENCY

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 18:30:13 CDT 2011

>> callsign data
> Send a callsign to WHO-IS.  If you prefix it with f<space>, you'll get
> "full" information.

That's cool but it doesn't build a local database of local users...
And as you've mentioned before - even a simple name like that is hard
to remember if it's not used regularly.

>>  keps
> I haven't figured out how to compress them sufficiently to fit within a
> single APRS message

See APRSDOS from the old old days.   Bob had that.

>> icons,
> In what format?  xastir uses one thing, UI-View another, APRSISCE/32 a
> third, and who knows WHAT the iSomethins and 'droids are using.  And can you
> imagine the look of everyone's maps come April 1st?

Yes. Yes and Yes.  Which doesn't mean we shouldn't be doing it.

>> software updates
> 1-2 MByte over a 1200baud shared channel?  No thanks!

You haven't lived until you  FTP'ed a 3+ MB .mp3 on 1200 baud packet!

>> .   We have the bandwidth and should be using it.
> We are.  Just tune over to 144.390 in any APRS-busy area and give a listen.
>  And to hear Bob say it, 20% loading is a good plan for a shared access
> channel or throughput actually begins to drop.

Actually 18% but 20% is a nice round number.    We have many packet
channels that are under used and even 144.39 in most areas would be
beneath that magic 20% figure.



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